November Gala Sponsorship Info


Please note below the information pertaining to the sponsorship of our gala:
a. Be publicly recognized in the event
b. Have an advertisement in out gala booklet
c. Appear on the screen during the gala
d. Be included in the website
e.   Bring 10 guests to the gala
1. Guest Speaker sponsor $1,500.00 – 3 each  Bring 10 guests Have a separate session with the keynote speaker
2. Hotel sponsor $1,200.00 6 each Included among resources in website
3. Table sponsor $1,200.00 10 each Table assignment with name of organization included among resources in website
4. Entertainment sponsor $1,000.00 2 each Introduced when the performances are taking place
5. Photo booth sponsor $1,000.00 2 each Business logo prominently displayed in photo booth
6. Scholarship sponsor $1,000.00 3 each Be recognized in scholarship section of website. Acknowledged in scholarship forums
7. Refreshments sponsor $1,000.00 2 each Included in reception screen
8. African Humanitarian Projects sponsor $1,200.00 2 each – Named as a sponsor of the award. Appears in media in Africa and other parts of the world.
If you only wish to sponsor a table, you can donate $800.00 for a table of 10 or just $100.00 per person

You may send the information below to:

Yes, our organization would like to sponsor this item in the gala:
Item _____________________________________________________Amount: $ ___________________
Name of Organization ____________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person’s name ___________________________________________________________________
Tel _____________________________________ Email ________________________________________