About Us



Board Members 2016/19

L – R: Said Nouhaili (Finances), Martin Byrd (Youth – changed), Gold Love (VP, Gender Equality & Membership Registration), Kobena Anaky (Public Relations), Dr. Peter Ndiang’ui (President), Yvonne Hill (Economic Affairs), Nelson Kimani (Website & Social Media) and Pastor Kris Odili (Cultural Affairs).

Missing in photo: Yvonne Roberts (Organizing Secretary), Prof Tala El-Hefnawy (Education), Patrick Naidl (Hospitality & Events Coordination), and Nardos Bekele (Youth Affairs). 


The African Network of South West Florida (ANSWFL) was formed in March 2004 as 501(c)(3) non-profit networking organization with the primary goal of promoting of Africa’s rich heritage and diverse cultures in the five counties of Southwest Florida. The organization aims at enhancing the quality of life of its members by providing support for one another through networking in economic, educational and socio-cultural pursuits. ANSWFL strives to inspire and empower its members to become an integral dynamic force in the economic, educational and cultural development of South-West Florida.
Believing that anyone can possibly trace ancestry to the continent of Africa, our membership is open to those of African Diaspora and anyone else who abide by the vision and values that we stand for together. The organization also seeks to create linkages between entrepreneurs in South West Florida and the African Continent. Lastly among our goals, is providing support for genuine philanthropic projects designed to promote the welfare of our members and the people living in the African continent.


Our organization’s vision revolve around these eight guiding pillars:

  1. Assimilation – We provide tools for settlement and assimilation of our members into the larger Southwest Florida community.
  2. Support  – We support our members’ business and educational initiatives
  3. Participation – We encourage our members to integrate and be active participants in the development of Southwest Florida
  4. Empowerment – We provide empowerment opportunities by supporting one another in business, educational and other self-promotion pursuits
  5. Unity – Knowing that we are stronger together, we inspire, encourage and provide support for one another to grow.
  6. Respect- Inculcate in our members values that facilitate the recognition of the worth of every human being.
  7. Education – Through various educational and cultural activities, we educate the larger SW Florida community about the contribution of Africa and its people to the global arena.
  8. Building bridges – Members of ANSWFL work together to build bridges among diverse populations and people of all walks of life

Guiding Values

  1. Respect for diversity and worth of all persons regardless of their background
  2. Facilitating educational empowerment for self and others
  3. Economic empowerment through support of business endeavors of our members
  4. Community engagement through collaboration with other organizations in SW Florida
  5. Providing connections between SW Floridians and people in the African Continent
  6. Promotion of peace and social justice for all humanity
  7. Support and compassion for one another in times of need
  8. Measuring success not just by how we have grown as individuals but more important by how much we have assisted others to grow